The instant you touch the shores of the Northern France, Dunkerque port, you can stage many tourist spots and those fall in place as you advance a way forward to parts of France and rest of Europe.

Countries in Europe are closely woven sharing much in commonness and also representing distinctive recognition. In fact, the prime motive of a ferry is to be a channel of transportation and to our surprise this ferry operator, which operates across the British channel, by Dover ferry has recommended in great detail the spectacular and hair raising monuments when their root of existence is explored by the travellers. A few snippets are dotted to benefit all.

Reims, the capital of Champagne has left open many magnificent monuments dating back 13 th Century and the Gothic art is most famous to this time. Notre Dame de Reim is the master piece built in 13 th century and the unique style of this Cathedral has gathered lots of importance for most of the Kings of France got crowned here and this cathedral has stained glass window with the impressions carved with Marc Chagall and this is considered by the guides and the historians as a legendary mark.

To reach these pulsating spots, from the Dunkerque ferry port just get A26 motorways and travel on the silent and cool roads for 2 and ½ hours covering approximately 270 kms. To gain better understanding about the tourist places, lay hands on and further to get even more information about the Cathedral( France) , you can log on to

Notre Dame de Reim

Notre Dame de Ameins cathedral is another monument that decorates the River Somme, and is on the heart of the Amiens dominated by the exclusive myriad cafes and bistros (small informal restaurants with wine services). This was backed with the assistance of UNESCO as a World Heritage Monument and registered twice in 1981 and 1998.This extended a pilgrim route to Santiago. Its location in Picardy, in northern France has made it for many Brits to pass by this pilgrim center. To reach this place, you will have to drive from the Dunkerque to this place by motorway a distance of 189 kms.


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ShipPax Award 2005 for Norfolkline and the Making of the Ropax Ships

Norfolkline efforts to operate Ro-Pax vessels along its famous route Dover-Dunkerque , which got well recognised for the comfortable journey to France and beyond was awarded as the best Ro-Pax vessel Masersk Dunkerque 2005.

I was surprised to learn facts about this ropax market, which had faced rough weather as been dominated by the alternative forms of travel by air wherein the cost of fuel is cheaper compared to ferries. Still, Maersk brought out three magnificent ferries for operating along the British channel.

The main problem to fabricate these passenger ferries is the manufacturers are to follow the provisions laid on in the 1974 SOLAS convention. Along with this, latest amendments were added in 2010 SOLAS that states any construction done for accommodation on the ferry, the specified levels of combustion for the material under process should be maintained.

Lloyd’s Register a pioneer in accessing the ships and expert in classification of the ships has classified three 35,923-gt ferries, Maersk Dover, Maersk Dunkerque, Maersk Delft for Norfolkline meant for freight and passengers .All the ships have been constructed by the South Korea samsung Heavy Industries (SHI). These vessels said to carry 750 passengers and operate on the Dover to Dunkerque route. Lloyd’s Register made a new beginning by classifying the classification for the Ro-Pax vessels and shares our achieved 2005 awards to their credit.

Blu marine is one of the most preferred refurbishment companies located between Southampton and Salisbury at location near the formally a Royal Munitions Storage Facility. It engaged its activities of work for the three ferries at the dry dock in Dunkerque and latter were shifted to Hampshire for upholstery and joinery workshop. It refurbished all the lounges and fulfilling every aspect of design.

Winners of the ShipPax award for outstanding ferry concept for 2005

Winners of the ShipPax award for outstanding ferry concept for 2005

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Paris a city of might for structured towers

To visit Paris from the United Kingdom for the first time after my schooling, was very exiting experience. I travelled to Paris by crossing the channel by ferries and at Calais boarded a cab and headed to Paris. The drive for major part of drive was by car and the driver took A1 motor ways and headed for Paris. When we reached Paris my passion for reaching heights and to look for reaching such locations was my childhood dreams came true, particularly Eiffel Tower at nights with spectacular lights. This is one city, which can be enjoyed if seen well above your eye sight, and if you look high the city looks fabulous and city looks marvel. As I passed through the streets of the Paris, I collected some informal about certain high towers in the city per-view. I understood them to be Montparnasse towers, Effiel towers.

To begin with Monparnasse towers, this lies in a small village and this place was guarded by villagers for not letting the tower erected for a long time. They were scared for this structure would ruin their cultural identity. A similar public uproar was listed for Louvre pyramid and Beaubourg Museum of Modern Art. Even, after decades of controversies this antique was raised to a height of 210 metres approximately. In fact, this project began in 1958 and completed in the year 1972.This huge structure is raised to Montparnasse railway station and composite of 59 floors and from the top anyone can be air lifted by helicopters. To move up and down at Montpranasse I could find many elevators and the 25 elevator carried us to the top in less than 40 seconds. At the 56th floor Enjoyed and relaxed for drink and the floor was sealed with passage of heavy winds through across the floor. At Eiffel tower the para-sonic view was so an eye catchy that I could circle around the entire tower and those were the moments of great splendour. It is a monumental piece built by sir Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and built with iron at least 118 years ago and gains a height of 324 meters height and iron cast for the structure was 10,000 metric tonnes approximately .This tower lies around the Seine river, and you can reach first floor at a height of 57meters and get to second floor at 116 meters. The first and the second floors entertain two famous restaurants’ Altitude 95 and Le Jules Verne and are fine places to dine.
The collapse of world trade towers which I wanted to visit has become a dream never to happen, anyhow I dream for towers around world and hope for many, which appear to be ruling skies. With these cherished memories I travelled back to England by a ferry.

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High value logistics engulfs freight ferries lapses.

The real problem faced in my business is about the electronic components. These components before reaching their destination pass from factories through warehouses, oversea ferries, travel road ways with checks and counter checks by many agencies. Techno-savvy criminals track down the movement and effortlessly smuggle the consignment as every transit point becomes porous for the criminal, isn’t it! These thoughts, shrink my courage, I go indecisive by whom to bank on?

However, past trader and business man was battered by high sea pirates looted and delivery of goods and services became difficult. If so, for payments from insurance to cover against incurred loss was to wait for long. Today, I need to take the pressure of criminals versed with high-end technologies and great challenge to everyone connected to this business. Until, all rope together and act attentively I understand it is far from easy to succeed in a business where to guard logistics play a major role.

Now for better understanding to all and make it simple, crimes more specifically logistic crimes can be reduced by figuring out these ways an action plan cut by high value logistics experts a field on intrinsic study. Be it for small or big businesses follow the tailor made solutions. Take support of, by placing your logistics in the hands of driver specialists who navigate better. Sign up with well driven management and supervision, preferably 4th party business like dealt by Norfolkline. Sketch journey breaks on sites recommended for trailer parking as space for transit parking is a huge problem. These companies involved in 4th party business chalk out route mapping, contingency plans in time of crises. Special equipment and tracking system track logistic movements for security reasons, again the entire networking is as said empowered by competent authority.

Present day technologies have covered the gap to insulate the high tech crimes in freight businesses overseas by encouraging co-ordination among the operating agencies in the businesses like ferry owners, road transporters, security agencies guarding overseas and what not! This is what got me leap into overseas business more confidently.

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How a ferry could save your holiday

If you have a wish to go on a affordable holiday then do think ferries. The fares on channel crossings are cheap as they were earlier. On your holiday you can take your car and as much luggage you like along with you while you cross the channel. lets see the car parking zone and also the on-board services, how comfortable it is.

While to meet the current economic fall most airlines are cutting back or consolidating their services but ferry operators are extending their operations in news routes. One can find the latest news on There are many ferry operators offering its services in a route, so because of intense competition you can easily find attractive ferry tickets.

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Leading ferry operator in Britain

Norfolkline-ferries is the leading ferry operator in Britain specialising ferries to France. When you book a ferry to France with Norfolkline-ferries, you have our promise of the highest quality travel at the lowest possible prices. Whether you intend to cross the Channel for business or pleasure, a long stay or a short one, there are great savings to be made when you board one of the many ferries (faehren | ferries | Prenotazioni | ferries | podróż promem do) to France with Norfolkline-ferries.

Norfolkline-ferries specialise in providing the ultimate ferry service for the independent traveller and our exclusive travel offers throughout the year. Norfolkline-ferries covers the Dover Dunkerque route, the most convenient than Calais for many destinations in France and beyond with its direct links to the A16 and A25 motorways. A leisurely way to start or end your holiday when driving to or from the continent, ferries to France provide freedom, refreshment and bracing sea breezes. Quite simply, it has never been easier to take a holiday in France and Norfolkline-ferries guarantee to offer the best service possible.

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Online booking of ferry tickets

Cheap ferry tickets online

The ferries tickets are cheaper than the train, almost half the price. Be sure to order your tickets in advance as well, that will save you for half the costs. It was favorable for people who are looking for a cheap cross channel ferry to France in connection with a short break, weekend break or just visiting friends and relatives.

Cheap ferry crossings are essential if you are planning an inexpensive holiday to the Continent. That’s why many online services offer a range of cheap ferry crossings with a selection of exclusive promotions and special discounts. Online ferry crossing provides savings up to 50% on most routes. The ferry tickets will be given at the port of departure present the reference number together with a photo ID.

Online ferry crossings distributor providing you with cheap ferry tickets for over 40 different European ferry operators. Fill the details and you will be able to compare prices of competing ferry operators. Book simply and securely online. If we are looking forward to a weekend break or your annual holiday, check out the range of offers available.

Search for a holiday packages or browse the latest special offers. They offer a range of holidays including camping, ski breaks and self- catering accommodation along with ferry crossing bookings. Book over the phone or online.

There are many website offers low-cost ferry crossings, travel insurance, special offers and much more. They offer a variety of travel services including online, secure ferry bookings, last minute special offers and travel insurance.

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